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The Negative Effects of Sitting All Day

Did you realize that sitting can be every bit as dangerous to your long-term health? While many office workers strive long and hard to obtain a job that is “better” than damaging your body through strenuous hard labor, desk jobs may actually be worse for your body than being on your feet.

It is well documented that prolonged periods of sitting is responsible for an increased risk in a range of diseases. Simply put, sitting is bad for your health. This can lead to pain, reduce physical performance and mental health. So even the most ergonomically perfect office set up is not ideal if you are still sitting for 8-10 hours a day everyday, which is why developing healthy habits is key to maintaining good physical and mental health.

There are ways that you can help overcome the negative effects of too much sitting on an ongoing basis. Physiotherapy has been shown to be highly effective in helping individuals combat some of the key challenges of sitting including organ damage, muscle regeneration, back and neck pain. How physiotherapy can help you?

Physiotherapists don’t only treat people with injuries. The Bali Physio can provide you with strategies to improve your movement, increase your activity levels and improve your physical and mental well-being.

Here are just a few ways that Physiotherapists can help you achieve better movement:

- Educating you about pain, helping you to understand why you have pain and teaching you ways to move with less pain.

- Teaching you ways to adapt and tailor exercises to help you feel more confident about moving again.

- Helping you to get back in control of your body and movement.

- Reducing risk of falls by helping you to improve balance, mobility and educating you on ways to adapt your lifestyle and create a safer environment at home.

- Guiding you in ways to improve your lifestyle.

- Providing you with manual therapy, massage and other treatment techniques to promote the body’s natural healing mechanisms and improve movement control.

Moving might be the last thing that you feel like doing but being active is fundamental for maintaining and improving our health and well-being.

Start today by making sure you are taking regular breaks from sitting, get up and move in any way that feels good for you; make excuses to move, do gentle stretches, walk around as you call your friend.


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